What is St. Agnes of Sicily All About?

For those who are looking for a place to stay in Sicily where nature appears to be untouched and it possesses a beauty and tranquillity often seen then it would mean visiting St. Agnes of Sicily. It is comprised of a small farming community where the residents here are warm and welcoming. The industries here that can be found are on a small level and personalized like the offerings of Self Catering Cottages, the growing of flowers and the production of local produce. St. Agnes also has its own soap making production and have come up with their very own St. Agnes ice cream.

Those that wish to visit this Island will start their exciting vacation with a boat trip to the Island as that is the only way of reaching it. The seasons in which the visitors are staying at St.Agnes will dictate the type of beauty they will be exposed to.

While here visitors love to go out on the sea in boats and spend many hours walking the beautiful shorelines. There are some simple but excellent cafes that offer different varieties of foods for those needing a good meal. Then of course for those staying at the self catered cottages there is plenty of local fresh produce that can be bought here on the Island so travellers can prepare it at their cottages.

What one will not find here at St. Agnes is the hustle and bustle of large city life. This is a community that is built on simplicity and tends to enjoy the simple things in life. For those who are looking for a place to go where they can just rest and relax then this Island would have to be the best choice.

Those who spend some times here will certainly feel rested and rejuvenated. Being in touch with nature and enjoying the clean fresh air are two of the attributes that this Island has that contributes to this.