Things to do in St. Agnes

Cornwall, specifically St. Agnes is full of things to do, no matter what you like or are looking for in a trip. There are gardens and landscape, museums, shopping centres, surfing, boating activities and biking tours. If you are a history buff, there are museums, churches, ruins, castles and a rich history to be discovered. If art is more your thing, there are also galleries, theatre and beautiful architecture everywhere.

The AONB areas are not to be missed. AONB stands for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These areas are those that have been designated as the most beautiful and representative of St Agnes. There are AONB in the North, South, and West.

If you are looking for inspiration on things to do, try aquro to help you come up with an app to keep all of the attractions in one place, but for now, here are some ideas:

  • Surf School

There are several surf schools in the region. Surfing is a great way to experience the region from a different perspective. Be one with nature and give something new a try. The instructors are knowledgeable and prepared and are well equipped to teach anyone. Surf school is great for beginners or for experts to hone their skills or learn new ones.

  • Kayaking

There are guided kayaking excursions. If you are adventurous, try a two or three day trek. If you are looking for a shorter term adventure, you may try a half-day excursion. There are guides to help you learn more about the surrounding nature.

  • Museums and Ruins

Visit the historic areas of the region to learn more about the history of St. Agnes. You can also experience the beauty of the ruins and the architecture of the region.

Though St. Agnes may not be an enormous village, it is a great place to learn about some of UK’s most interesting culture and history.